"When my son was hospitalized, we thought that we would lose everything. Being able to borrow the money we needed now until payday saved our home and helped us keep our minds on the important things. "

Kim in Arizona

"Applying online for this loan was simple. All I had to do was fill in a simple form and within hours, my loan was in my checking account. Thanks for making it so easy to make ends meet. I will definitely use this service again."

Alex in Colorado

Payday Cash Advance FAQ

You have probably heard of a payday cash advance but you might be wondering exactly what you're going to be getting yourself into, should you sign on the dotted line.  Since there is a lot of confusion about this, we decided to put together a FAQ that will outline some of the most basic questions and give you an overview that would make you more comfortable with your decision.

How Much Does a Payday Loan Cost?

Although it may seem like an old cliché, the answer to this question is actually, it depends.  The reason why this is the case is because each individual state is responsible for regulating these loans so it will vary, depending on where it is that you live.  For the most part, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$50 if you pay the loan back on time.

When Do I Have To Pay My Payday Loan Back?

There are several different options that are available to you whenever you choose one of these short-term loans.  The most common of the payday loans are going to have a term of anywhere from seven to 14 days.  There are some payday advance companies, however, that will allow you to take out one of the short-term loans for up to 90 days.  They may charge additional money for the longer term.

What If I Can't Pay Back My Loan on Time?

Some payday advance companies are going to withdraw the money from your checking account where they deposited the money for your loan on the day that it needs to be paid.  If you do not have the cash in the account at that time or if you run into another financial bump, you should contact them immediately in order to see if they can extend the term of the loan or if they will accept payments over time.  This should be your last resort, as the interest rate on these loans can be rather high.

How Soon Will I Get the Money?

In most cases, Cash advance loans are paid to the individual within 24 hours.  Some payday loan lenders are going to send you the money via Western Union, which will take place seven days a week.  Other fast loan companies are going to wire the money directly into your checking account which will typically occur on the following business day after the loan was approved.

What Are the Requirements for a Payday Advance?

The most basic requirements that any company is going to ask of you is that you provide proof that you have employment, along with verification of your checking account in good standing.  It is also necessary for you to be 18 years old and a United States citizen.  Some companies may require that you fax them verification of your checking account but it is also possible to go with one of the faxless payday loans that are available as well.  As long as you meet these basic, minimum requirements, you can typically be instantly approved for a cash advance.

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